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Crowdfunding Questions
Who are DP Crowd?
What is the minimum investment?
What happens if DP Crowd ceases to exist or falls into financial distress?
Is DP Crowd FCA regulated?
What is a loan note?
What is a security trustee and what role do they perform?
Can I sell or give my investment to someone else?
Should I discuss this investment opportunity with a financial adviser?
If I die what would happen to my investment?
What is crowdfunding?
Who are ShareIn?
Who do I transfer funds to?
Could I lose more than the amount invested?
How much return could I expect on my investment?
Who can invest?
Will people be able to see if I invested?
I am domiciled outside of the UK and EU, can I invest?
When do I pay for the investment?
How am I categorised as a "client" for regulatory purposes?
What are the fees?
Can I cancel my investment offer?
What do we do about Conflicts of Interest?
How do I make a complaint?
What is your Best Execution Policy?
What Tax is paid on Bond Interest Payments?
Is my investment secured?