Exhaustive due diligence, independent opinion and ongoing research

Due diligence and research play a vital role in getting to know our project partners prior to offering investment opportunities to our clients. We know the questions to ask, the detail to request and the boxes to tick to ensure projects are as viable as possible.

Our Team

We have over 75 years of combined experience in the key areas of accountancy, financial services, real estate and property investment.

Mike Ward


Jennifer Thursfield ACA


Ken Rooney

Financial Advisor

Why invest in debt investment opportunities?

Debt funds such as loan notes and bonds are an important instrument of investment. They can provide a regular income, a safety of principal and can be redeemed at will. With fixed returns, interest payments and defined exit strategies they are considered less volatile than other investment options. 

We aim to offer a variety of debt investments to suit all tastes from structured property investments to investing in the growth and development of UK legal sector.